illustrated strategy

How do you communicate a complex idea, or navigate an uncertain future?
We help you make your strategy, vision, values and project roadmaps more tangible and accessible. We create rich pictures, infographics and animated videos that communicate your story, help your team and stakeholders stay aligned and navigate complexity to achieve goals.

what is an illustrated strategy?

An illustrated strategy can take several forms: a strategy visualisation, culture blueprint, graphic history, project roadmap, etc. The output is usually a still image or an animated video that helps you communicate with clarity and cohesion.
The core purpose of strategy illustrations are to help you align your team and clarify goals, ensuring everyone is on the same page. The end result is a captivating image that gives form to complex ideas and captures the essence of your team’s vision. The power of creating a tangible artefact is that it removes ambiguity, which helps make goals more achievable.
Illustrating the present, past and future of co-working for an article published by Here Co-working in 2020.
Roche Diagnostics Culture & Values Mural
As the world’s largest pharmaceutical, Roche needed to bring together their entire APAC team under an agreed set of values. They reached out to Sh8peshifters to create a mural for their Sydney office, which was printed and mounted in their team’s innovation hub. The result of this was a united team, and a clear set of values for everyone to see and rally under.
YEAR: 2021
Printed mural & digital artwork

Our process is deeply collaborative to ensure the best and most useful output. We run co-design workshops with the people closest to the project and work closely with them to craft the most impactful visual message.

To keep the communication open, we also offer one to two rounds of feedback where you can provide input and make any necessary adjustments before the final rendered piece is delivered. We have found that this collaborative process helps remove any ambiguity from the brief; making the creation of the artwork smoother and more efficient.

The timeframe for completing an illustrated strategy piece typically ranges from 5 to 12 business days, depending on the complexity and scope of the project.
These UTS 2027 Digital Strategy Storyboards were used to pitch for funding and communicate a complex vision of how students, academics and industry partners will benefit from this innovative technology program. The storyboards clearly communicate the user experience and make it tangible and easily understandable.
Illustrated team values to communicate Bradken global manufacturing company culture blueprint for marketing conference about customer centricity and growth
In May 2023, we worked with leading global manufacturer, Bradken, to charismatically visualise their newly developed Culture Blueprint.

In addition to a Culture Blueprint, we created an animated explainer to convey the cultural direction that Bradken are now moving towards.
YEAR: 2023
A printed 6-metre banner & explainer video in 7 languages
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BAI Season Visualisation - Fall '21
Woolworths Queensland Social Contract

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