Alan Chen and Diana Ayoub are Sh8peshifters - a creative duo who specialise in visualising ideas, conversations and stories. We use creativity and visual thinking to bring people together and breathe life into ideas. From live scribing and illustration, to animation and film, this has been our passion and profession for over 30 years combined.



Alan loves translating what’s inside people’s minds using rich imagery, vibrant colour, and striking compositions. His work has been featured in movies, on television, in exhibitions, and at numerous conferences.


Diana is all about the big picture, taking an eagle-eyed view in her diverse body of work. She loves bringing strategy to life, making use of intricate illustrations, luscious typography and emotive animation.


Aneta is a multi-talented creative. With a background in musical performance (she’s a singer!) and over 13 years of teaching experience; she’s the project manager pulling the strings behind the scenes.


Over the years, we’ve worked extensively across tertiary education, teaching, but also writing and developing the very first visual thinking course in Australia (and maybe the world!) Our expertise is expansive, encompassing digital design, user experience, co-design, gamification and animation. It is enriched by the growth mindset that informs our approach to every project, adapting to the needs of the audience and context of the problem.

We believe that equality and justice are the cornerstones of a peaceful society, but a practical and hands-on approach is needed to create the positive change we all wish to see. Our work puts us in a unique position to help surface these ideas and facilitate important conversations. We seek to work with people who carry deep knowledge and insights that are vital to solving wicked problems, specifically in the fields of healthcare, education, environment and policy.  

Between us, we speak 8 languages (English, Mandarin, French, Arabic, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and VISUAL) because diversity is who we are. We’re friends who came together to build something we love and believe in. No tick boxes or KPI’s. Just genuine passion and values, always putting people first. You will work directly with us, and get the very best each and every time.


Working with us is a lot of fun - we promise ;) Here are a few tips to help things move along smoothly:
Tell us what you want to do. Put it in an email, or better yet arrange a meeting. We love a good chat!
Who are we doing this for? What kind of engagement are you hoping for? A little bit of context goes a long way in tailoring our approach to your needs.
As soon as we understand your needs, we get to work quick-smart! All of our services are efficient in production and delivery. We even have options for same-day delivery!
 A good brief helps to make our work as precise as possible. But still need changes? No problem! Edits are built into our process. This ensures everything is just right for you.
We’re perfectionists, so we love adding the cherry on top of the cake! Our attention to detail sets us apart and ensures your work will stand out in the crowd.
We usually provide everything in high res, including 4k videos, and A3+ sized images. This gives you loads of options on what to do next.
In our experience, sharing online is a valuable part of the process. The output we create for you is visual and easily shareable, whether it’s an image or a video, it is designed to help your message reach people where they are.
No problem! Now that we’ve worked together once, we’re even better at anticipating your needs.