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Creating change in communities can be challenging, that’s why we use art and design together unite people around a shared cause. We work with you to create beautiful and sustainable solutions, transforming public spaces into creative and inspiring environments.

In 2018, we worked with the Bible Society in Lebanon to produce a series of watercolour illustrations for a social outreach program that aims to help child refugees heal from the trauma they experienced during the Syrian Civil War. 

The program was designed to guide children through the different phases of grief and our brief was to illustrate the stories written, based on the children’s real experiences.
Given the sensitive nature of the topics tackled in this program, our illustrations used metaphor and abstraction to communicate a thought-provoking story and create a deep emotional connection with the audience.
The above are illustrations for the second part of the trauma healing program, this time aimed for teenagers and young adults dealing with harsh socio-economic problems in the middle-east. The pieces aim to not only show the struggle and darkness in these young people’s lives but to also uncover the ray of hope that is always there.
The Rule of Law Institute of Australia - Magna Carta exhibition
In 2015, we were hired by The Rule of Law Society to illustrate a series of historical images around the formation of the Magna Carta. The illustrations were designed to appeal to primary and high school students, helping them to understand the importance of voting and democracy. 

This was part of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta which was commemorated with a permanent  exhibition in the High Court of Australia.
Comics on permanent exhibition in the High Court of Australia:
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