Respect Now Always Digital Strategy

Project Objectives:
Define & Design the Respect Now Always campaign’s online portal.

Conduct ideation and primary research (interviews, alpha testing) around a digital platform to allow the RNA project to extend their reach and presence

Phase 0: Pitch
In June 2020, we were approached by the RNA team around how they might reach more people, more effectively. We began with a series of meetings to align on values, and then pitched an idea about how we would approach the project. This was approved, and we moved into the first phase.

Phase 1: Discover & Define
Here we conducted desk research around the higher education space to uncover best practices across a broad range of universities in NSW and throughout Australia. This resulted in a detailed report outlining three distinctive opportunities, of which one was chosen as the initial starting point - The Playbook.

Method cards were one of the concepts proposed

Phase 2: Design
Once the Playbook was selected, we began to develop a basic sitemap to outline the information architecture. This was approved by the project team which included the Provost, the Program Manager of the campaign, as well as members of UTS’s internal research department DIRC. From here we created a basic wireframe, which was developed into an interactive prototype. It was vital for us to approach this in an open and collaborative manner due to the number of key stakeholders, as well as the difficulty in finding the right visual approach due to the nature of this campaign which aims to reduce sexual violence. We delivered an extensive report, along with videos of our interactive prototype.

Sitemap for the RNA digital playbook
Concept design of The Playbook

Phase 3: Deliver  
Here we took our prototype and conducted alpha testing with a cohort of academics, undergraduate students, post graduate students, and administrators. These tests were conducted online as they took place during the height of the pandemic. All interviews were recorded as the prototype was being used. Participants verbalised their reasoning for clicking on certain areas, while the interviewer noted down their choices. Following the testing, we conducted a series of questions, and developed a detailed insights report. This report was co-designed by Sh8peshifters and the RNA Program manager, and was presented to the Provost.

Mobile app mockup

Supporting Activities:
Graphic Recording at RNA meetings provided us richer context, which aided us in creating insights more efficiently. One of these recordings were included in our reports to support our decisions.
Illustrated insights were included throughout all of our reports as they improve accessibility for neuro-diverse audiences, and are effective ways to help navigate lengthy reports.

The digital strategy was well-received by the key stakeholders. We were invited to pitch for further funding for the execution of the project. We are currently waiting on budget approvals.

The following interactive links are a preview of the Playbook, with indicative content. 
Interactive Mobile Site:
Mobile Video Walkthrough: 
Interactive Desktop Site:
Desktop Video Walkthrough:

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