JMC Sales Visual Communication Strategy

Project Objectives:
Improve JMC’s Sales Team’s ability to better understand potential and current students before and after enrolments

Take a design-led approach, we conducted primary research, contextual inquiry, interviews, and developed an approach to help the Sales team use the right visuals to help their customers make more informed decisions.

Phase 0: Propose
Sh8peshifters were initially contacted to facilitate a national sales workshop to gather feedback from every member of the sales team. This was synthesised into simple journey map and presented to senior management, as evidence needed to change the approach to student communication.

Notes taken during contextual inquiry

Phase 1A & 1B: Discovery
We began this phase by challenging the initial brief, and took the team through a workshop to help establish a more thorough research question. We conducted interviews with sales staff members in Sydney and nationally, as well as student interviews. On top of this we conducted contextual inquiry, allowing us to observe and note down the process of the sales team, to help them make incremental adjustments to their day to day practice. We summarised the research in a report, which helped us to highlight opportunities, most of which the sales team has continued to undertake.

Phase 2: Mobilise
Here we started with one initiative, which was the creation of an explainer video to help improve the experience of new students at JMC. We looked at all the learning platforms and software the college used, and brought it together in a clear and concise video to act as a video guide. This has continued to be used throughout 2022. 

Supporting Activities:
Graphic recording and graphic facilitation was used throughout the project as a key skill to help communicate complex ideas in simple and memorable ways.

Improved student retention throughout the 2022 academic year, as well as the development of a more stable sales onboarding process.

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