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In 1988, in sleepy suburban Sydney, Alan began visualising ideas and discussions in the back of his maths textbook at school. Halfway across the world in Lebanon, Diana was using her passion for illustration and design to help her family business. In the years that followed, they both embarked on colourful careers, spanning four continents, in numerous industries. During this time, Alan met his wife Aneta who brings years of music, and medical experience to mix; and together they worked on films, advertisements and exhibitions, honing their storytelling. Eventually, their paths crossed with Diana in Australia and Sh8peshifters was formed.
Today, people come to us for our expertise in creativity. We specialise in finding and curating the ideas that are useful from the ones that aren’t. Our rich skills in illustration and storytelling are used to co-design compelling messages that customers will remember. 

We live in uncertain times, and the future often seems dark and stormy. But in our experience, things become clearer when visualised, and goals become closer.


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