May 16, 2021
Alan Chen

RESPECT NOW ALWAYS Team Presents at the UTS Senior Leadership Forum 2021

For the past 12 months we’ve been working with the Respect Now Always team at the University of Technology Sydney. Their focus is aimed at eliminating sexual violence on campus.

Sh8peshifters has delivered visual stories for RNA related initiatives ranging from live event scribing, product development, right through to major presentations. Our visualisations feature on the UTS main site, as well as across their public social media platforms, which is regularly visited by nearly 50,000 students and staff.

Most recently, we crafted a presentation that helped the team showcase their work and its value at the UTS senior leadership forum. Our brief was to visually capture the essence of the work, and milestones that RNA has made over the past 2 years. The visuals formed the entirety of the presentation for RNA which was delivered to over 100 of UTS’ senior most leaders.

A visual presentation in action - Illustrations creating genuine impact

For a complex project like this one, the magic happens when all the abstract concepts and incomprehensible data are distilled into clearly communicated stories, told using powerful visuals. This is the part we enjoy the most: the visual synthesis. 

The storyboard of the presentation, a tool we use to rapidly plan how we will approach an idea sequentially. 

Our role is not merely creating pretty slides but representing the ideas in striking and relevant ways. The final result is a visual story that leaves a deep impression on the audience, and has been described as “Awe inspiring”, and “Work that is so arresting, it makes you stop, think and feel.”

Several slides from the final presentation, making use of custom themes and metaphors that are relevant to the audience

Our slides are designed to make people reflect, and relate to content.

A video of a graphic recording featured in the presentation shows many points coming together.

"I met Alan on my very first day in the Respect.Now.Always. role. Seeing him in practice - visually scribing a meeting full of complex and highly sensitive information - was awe inspiring and a creative way to capture the high level points, and so much easier to comprehend than boring meeting notes circulated afterwards.  Since then, we've engaged Alan for a host of work, live scribing some of our Orientation events, and using his creative talent in the maturation and evolution of the Respect.Now.Always. brand and identity. This guy is the real deal - there's a reason why Catharine and I call him "the magical drawer!"
- Elizabeth K. Internal Communication Project Advisor at UTS

For more information, visit RNA at UTS:


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